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A Mother's Hat on Wedding Day

A mother wears many hats for her children growing up. A mom is a teacher, our go to shopping partner, our secret keeper, the voice of reason, and ultimately a best friend. It only makes sense that having this woman help us plan our wedding day is the thing to do. Right? The choice is up to you, but here are a few reasons we think Mom should leave her wedding planning hat at home on wedding day.


1. Calling vendors is a job in itself. Imagine, you’re fully dressed in that one in a million ball gown. The tears are welling up in your eyes as you realize, this is it, in a few moments you will be walking down the aisle and you couldn’t be happier! Your bridesmaids and photographer are ready for your big reveal, not so fast. You’re forced to pause for a few minutes because your mom is on the phone with the caterer giving directions. Although nobody missed the moment and the photographer got the shot, we no longer have that raw moment and that in itself can be kind of a bummer.

2. Ultimately, your mom is at the top of the list of people who want your day to be perfect, maybe even a little more than you. Most would confirm that hosting the perfect day is a lot of stress on one person, and a single mood can set the tone for an entire group. Heaven forbid we run out of center pieces for the remaining 5 tables, if your mom is like mine she is undoubtedly going into full panic mode. We tend to know our mom so well that the minute she enters a room we know what she is feeling immediately. While she may put on a great face, the worry can only be masked for so long. Now that you have realized something is bothering her, you’re worried about what she’s worried about and you have no idea what she’s worried about! Yikes, so exhausting.

3. The trickiest of situations come from those wedding emotions that even the most gentle tempered brides can potentially get. You have asked your mom to stop by to grab your monogrammed wedding guest book, that you accidentally left in your closet. In the midst of calling vendors, decorating, and directing everyone where to put things, she merely forgot what you had asked of her. Wedding guests have started to arrive when uh-oh! You now have a few options. You can advise wedding guests to write their name down on white computer paper, your mom can drive 45 minutes there and back delaying the ceremony, or she can run to a nearby store and grab a fill in. While it is not the end of the world you’re a little irritated, she or another guest is being forced to leave the wedding to do some damage control. I don’t know about you, but I don’t want my mom or friends to have to leave. So what are you to do?

I am sure by now you have figured out what where this is going. We believe you, your mom, wedding party and all of your guests should enjoy all of the special moments your wedding day has to offer and leave the coordination in our hands. We ask you to invite your mom to wear only her guest hat, her best friend hat, and her proud hat and leave the rest to us at Southern Charm.

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