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Do Bridesmaids Need to Bring a Gift to Every Event?

Being a part of a bridal party can be exciting, but it can also add up. So, where do you draw the line on presents and gifts? Here is what we have to say!

The number of gifts should be determined by your own wallet, or you can get creative! When you are asked to be a part of a bridal party, don’t be afraid of what is going to be asked of you (or your pocketbook).

If you are going to be attending a few events for the bride and groom, think about how much you can spend and go from there. Maybe bring a gift to the bridal shower and the wedding, but not the engagement party, or a small gesture to a party and a higher priced gift to the wedding. If you know other bridesmaids, see if they would split the cost with you on a higher priced gift for an event.

Another alternative to always buying gifts would be to buy one nice gift and get artsy. If you are not creative, find someone who is! Come up with a cute, decorative item with their monogram, or if you have a special talent, offer it to them for an event or the wedding! There are alternatives to dropping a few bucks for every event.

Even if you cannot afford to buy the happy couple a gift for the events you attend, doesn’t mean they will love you any less. You are already helping them with their special day. Bringing a gift or two is a small gesture showing that you support and love their love.

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