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How to Choose the Perfect Wedding Dress

Shopping for a wedding dress should be one of the most important party with planning your wedding and also super fun. But it can be very overwhelming without any direction or guidance. Going into your appointment always keep an open mind with what your looking for and to always trust your stylist. Try on a few different styles just to see how you feel and look in them and remember to take your time. You don't have to say "YES TO THE DRESS" on your first visit. Take your time and enjoy the process. :)

These are tons of styles of wedding dresses as well as embellishments or add-ons you can add to virtually any dress. There are 5 main types of wedding dresses: princess, sheath, mermaid, A-line and short.

1.Princess is a classic ball gown type of dress that can be fitting for a beautiful evening wedding. 2.Sheath is a slimming cut that follows the body’s natural shape and is perfect for any kind of wedding!

3.Mermaid is a form-fitting dress with a flare around the calves/knees. This dress is also great for almost any occasion!

4.A-line is like a less dramatic princess cut that has a smaller skirt, giving it the most popular kind of dress for weddings.

5.Shorter dresses are perfect for destination weddings where you don’t want the skirt to touch the floor or for brunch/morning weddings for a tea-time feel.

Another incredibly important part of wedding attire is shoes! Whether your shoes are seen all night or not, you want to feel perfect from head to toe (literally!). Some brides choose shoes before the dress, some decide to match the shoes to the dress after the dress is purchased. It is totally up to you!

Finding the perfect outfit shouldn’t be stressful because it is all about you! You ultimately decide on what you get to wear and there is no such thing as an ugly bride!

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