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How to Create Your Perfect Guest List

Figuring out a guest list can be one of the trickiest parts about planning your wedding. Whether or not you are inviting a long-lost best friend or a work buddy can be a slippery slope. The one thing that has to be figured out is how many people you can invite based on your budget and venue. Some venues have a minimum and a maximum, so be sure to check those out before booking! The budget for guests includes table arrangements, food and party favors. Extra heads can add up fast, so pick a number of guests and stick to it!

The first thing to do is to pick a small list with just your partner. This can include immediate family and other family members you feel have to be present. After that, move onto friends. There are some friends you couldn’t picture not seeing you on your wedding day, those are the people to invite.

Next, you’ll need to decide where you’re cutting off the extended families. Your second cousin and their husband that you’ve never spoken to might not make the list. Figure out where you’re both comfortable drawing a line. This can also be when you get your parents involved for their opinion.

Giving your families extra guests, like your mother’s bff from college that has been in your life can be a sticky situation too. You have to give both sides around the same number of extra guests in order to keep both sets of parents happy.

When deciding about children and “plus ones” for your guests, think about the environment and how long they have known them. It is okay to say no to children if you’re having a fancier, black tie event that children would distract from. On the other hand, kids can make for a happier, go-lucky environment that your guests might not be able to pull off. It is totally your call, but remember, some people might not be able to come depending on the decision. The same goes for people bringing plus ones. The general rule of thumb is they can bring a plus one if they are either married, engaged or in a very serious relationship. You are paying for each person attending the wedding and you don’t want to be stuck paying for extra guests that don’t need to be there.

Don’t get caught up in everyone asking or hinting to be invited to your wedding. It is all about you and your partner, after all! Really think about who you want on your special day and what these people mean to you. You’ve got this!

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