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The Perfect Outfit for Bridal Showers as a Guest

Are you invited to a fun-filled bridal shower? There’s so much excitement surrounding someone you love! So, you have already bought your present, RSVP’d and now what? You have to pick your outfit!

Bridal showers can range from a picnic in a park to a semi-formal event. Usually, if there’s a specific dress code, it will be stated on the invitation. Take a peek to make sure you didn’t miss any important information! If there’s nothing stated, and you’re still nervous about the attire, call a friend that might be going or contact the RSVP number, they should be more than likely able to help!

A casual picnic or backyard party could involve some dressing down. A cute top with nice jeans or white pants is an easy option. If you’re wishing to dress it up a little, a sundress with wedges is a great choice.

For most bridal showers, it’s a good idea to wear a nicer dress, like a dress for church or a formal lunch. Keep in mind the crowd! If the shower is more towards the older crowd, the classy, modest looking dress is the one to take. If it’s young best friends, any dress goes!

Some showers are semi-formal and could use some definite heels. A nice cocktail dress with hair and makeup done is the way to go!

Picking out the perfect outfit for a bridal shower can put a stress on the day, but don’t worry! It isn’t all about what you wear, it’s about the fun of the day and the bride!

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