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Wedding Day Emergency Kit

Wedding days can be stressful and things are bound to happen. Having an emergency kit filled with things that you can always use should be essential to make. Here is a list we’ve created of certain items that are must-haves for your special day!

  • Breath mints: always a good thing to have around, no one wants stinky breath and get ready for that first kiss!!

  • Tweezers: you never know when a clump of lashes or a stray hair that pops up

  • Nail polish: unexpected chips are the worst…keeping some spare polish around can fix that up

  • Finishing powder: keep those faces matte! Shiny faces happen often but can be touched up with just a blot

  • Lipstick: touch your lips up after a few bites of cake or a sip of champagne

  • Hairspray: make sure your perfect hair stays in place! A few sprays can keep your do looking fresh and gorgeous

  • Tissues: for all of those happy tears!!!

  • Band-Aids: heels are not comfortable, blisters do happen

  • Stain remover: sometimes you cannot help it if someone bumps into you while you’re taking a bit of chicken

  • Fragrance and deodorant: keep yourself smelling clean and fresh and smell amazing all night

  • Small snacks: you don’t want to have low blood sugar and snacks are always good when dinner isn’t for another 3 hours

These are just a few suggestions, and of course there can be many more. Keep in mind your location, time of day and different situations. This emergency kit will alleviate stress and those quick convenient store runs!

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