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What Your Bridesmaids Should and Shouldn't Pay For

Your bridesmaids are your closest people during your wedding planning and special day. They’re there for you every step of the way, but what do they expect from you? You shouldn’t feel pressured to pay for everything for your bridesmaids, but they shouldn’t have to fit the bill for everything either.

Wedding Attire

Standing up next to the bride on her wedding day comes with a price. Bridesmaids are normally expected to purchase their dress, shoes and wedding-day jewelry. Keep this in mind when picking out a dress or dresses for bridesmaids, you don’t want to break their bank!

Bridal Shower

If your bridesmaids choose to throw you a bridal shower, they should be splitting the bill. If your family is hosting, the bridal party will obviously not be responsible for the costs.

Bachelorette Party

Your gals are probably planning and executing the bachelorette party. They are responsible for the night’s activities and, depending on budget, drinks and food.


Even though your bridesmaids are already doing so much for you, they are still expected to get you and your new spouse a gift. They do not have to get one for every occasion (bridal showers and wedding), but it is respectful to give a gift.


If the wedding is a destination, you should expect your bridal party to pay for their hotel and travel. There is always the best option of booking blocks if a hotel offers it to save your party and guests some money.


You as the bride are expected to provide all floral for the wedding. For your bridesmaids, this could include bouquets, floral corsages, hair pieces or anywhere you want to put floral.

Hair & Makeup

If you are bringing in a hair and makeup team for you and your bridal party, you are responsible for paying for them. If you don’t bring in hair and makeup, no worries! No extra expense.

Wedding Day Accommodations

If you and your bridal party stay the night together the night before the wedding or need transportation to and from venues, you should pay for them for the one night. This also allows them to be all together and they are able to be there with you, regardless of financial situation.

Your best pals are there by your side through the thick and thin of weddings and they will stick by you through your decisions on the expenses. Relax! Just because it’s your wedding, doesn’t mean you have to pay for everything.

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