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Who Do We Invite to the Rehearsal Dinner?

This is one of those topics that really depends on your wedding situation, but we are here to help clear up some unanswered questions!

The rehearsal dinner can be as big or close-knit as you or your family wants it. It can include you and your fiancé, your parents and grandparents, the bridal parties and the officiant. Or, you could have a big party with all out-of-town guests, especially if they are already in town. It’s all about being a good hostess. It is also your decision to have a small or large dinner, but it also depends on the budget.

If you have many out-of-town guests but you aren’t including them or you’re having a destination wedding, a great idea is to provide a list of activities and restaurants that your guests can visit so they do not feel stranded.

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